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Donald G. Wilson, Artist



Artist Statement 2013

Viewing the world has given me an uncommon insight of our society being based on a “Plastic Reality”. We live in a time where social norms are casted from molds of impatiens, fear of differences, and the lack of social tolerance.

I have always been interested in the human condition. I take in life’s experiences and analyze them, only to give them back in the form of a creative report card. Art is more than decoration to me; it allows me the opportunity to talk back to the world with color, line, textures and form.

The “Plastic Reality” that shapes our world provides an enormous energy that fuels feelings of joy, fear, sorrow and uncertainty. When we view these emotions there is a very colorful palette of life revealed to the on looker. I have always been interested in that enormous energy the world produces. It seems to spit out joy, and contrast it with sorrow in a single exhale.

The breath of life that is fueled by the “Plastic Reality” is complex and intriguing. It requires careful study, and I have found that mixed media affords me the versatility to capture the intensity of the emotions. The transition of working with different materials has helped me search and create new forms. The process of combining different materials in new ways is a natural transition into synthesizing the “Plastic Reality” of today’s society. Combining painting with relief sculpture, drawing with textures creates a complexity that allows media exploration that expresses the duality of a complex world.


Artist, Donald G. Wilson


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